I am receiving emails with worms or viruses. What can I do?

Your email address has been gathered somehow, and these emails you are now receiving are intended to maliciously propagate worms or viruses.

Most anti-virus programs have an option to scan all incoming email and can remove the viruses from any emails you download to your computer, and we recommend obtaining one that can do this. A freely available one is AntiVir Classic. If you are aware of other free anti-virus programs, we welcome your comments on this article.

We also recommend setting up email filters, which should accomplished by logging into cPanel then clicking E-mail Filtering. You can here setup your domain to ignore email from a specific address, or email containing certain keywords.

Finally, we also recommend setting your Default E-mail account to :fail: which will automatically remove any emails sent to a non-existent recipient@yourdomain.com.

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