Configuring desktop email applications

To configure your email with desktop email applications like Outlook or Thunderbird, you will need to provide specific email account settings.

Email account settings

You will need the following information to configure your mail application:

  • Mail server: (use for both incoming and outgoing)
  • Username: The username is your full email address. If you mail application has problems with the @ symbol, you can also use +)
  • Password: ... the password you used to set up the account.

Detailed instructions

More detailed instructions for configuring some major desktop email applications are below. If your application is not listed, please refer to your software help documentation for guidance.

Can't send email? (failing to connect to SMTP server)

We recommend where possible that you make use of your ISPs SMTP server to send email. This is more secure and has many benefits. 

If, however, for some reason you really need to use your web hosting SMTP settings here are some steps to troubleshoot:

1) Some ISPs block port 25 from sending email (the default SMTP port). Try using port 26 for Outgoing (SMTP) mail server (often found under "Advanced settings").

2) Ensure that you have enabled "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication." Authentication information should be same as your POP3 login.

3) Ensure that you are NOT using an encrypted connection (if using ports 25/26).

Still having problems?

We can provide you with professional remote support, where we will log into your computer remotely to setup your email account.

Please contact us if you would like this option. 

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