Sending email is not working

There are several reasons why sending email may not be working:

  1. Your firewall or anti-virus is blocking email
    Ensure any firewall or anti-virus software you have installed is disabled, then try to sending again.

  2. You need to log into your email account
    Our mail server requires you to log into it before you will be allowed to send email. Receiving email will log you in, so try receiving your email before sending. You can also setup your email account to log you in when sending (e.g., in Outlook Express this would be accomplished in your email account "Properties" by ticking the box "My server requires authentication" under the "Servers" tab).

  3. Your Internet Services Provider (ISP) is blocking email
    Port 25 is the default port used to send email via SMTP (the protocol used to send email). Some ISPs block this port in an attempt to force users their mail servers and protect viruses getting passed around. There are two solutions you can try out to resolve this problem:

    Solution 1
    Use your ISP's mail server for your outgoing mail (SMTP). For example, Bigpond cable makes use of If you do not know what it is, call up your ICP and ask them what your outgoing mail server should be for sending email through them.

    Solution 2
    We have opened port 26 as an alternative SMTP port. So in your email account properties change your outgoing mail (SMTP) server port to 26 (e.g., in Outlook Express this would be accomplished in your email account "Properties", clicking on the "Advanced" tab, and entering 26 for "Outgoing mail (SMTP)". If this fails, please try out Solution 1 above.

  4. Your email account may not be setup right
    Remove your email account from your desktop email software (e.g. Outlook, not cPanel!), and set it up again, and then reboot computer. Sometimes a setting may be overlooked, or sometimes software can behave strangely. This attempts to rule out both issues.

  5. Still not working?
    Please use your ISP's mail server for your outgoing mail (SMTP) as described in Solution 1 above. Doing this will mean our server will no longer be used to send email, so if problems persist you will need to troubleshoot the problem with your computer software or Internet connection.
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